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For the sake of simplification the articles on the basics of things related to marriage are now separated from the rest of the articles. This page will include some definitions.


June 2014

A reminder that we do not have a double minded God who changes morality from one day to the next or between one covenant and the next. Doing so would be a violation of the nature of God. The new and old testaments both teach the same "rules" concerning marriage, divorce, adultery and remarriage. In the Greek and Hebrew they remain the same and agree. The English translations do not show this unity.

These definitions will be worked on as time permits.

Marriage - In scripture this is the act of a man leaving his father and mother and taking unto himself a woman. The two become one flesh when a child is begotten. One person who emailed suggested that the act of intercourse makes the two into one flesh without a child. That may very well be the case. (Many think a man becomes one flesh with a woman through a marriage ceremony. This violates scriptural definition.) In scripture there is no ceremony. Final consummation of the contract was performed through intercourse. Marrriage is only allowed to fellow believers and should be of one's own general kin.

Marriage Contract - A contract made at the time of marriage. The ten commandments made up such a contract between God and Israel. The contract also included laws for the wife to obey. Generally though the scripture does not speak of a written contract for marriage.

Divorce - A breaking of the marriage contract. Two acts are required to accomplish divorce. A writing declaring the marriage ended must be given to the woman and she must be sent away. Children went with the woman. God did this with the house of Israel writing her a bill of divorcement and sending her into the Assyrian captivity. Jeremiah 3:8. The promise of a remarriage to the house of Israel was permitted only after God's death on the cross and resurrection in the form of Messiah. Deuteronomy 24 specifies an uncleanness required in order to divorce with out adultery occurring. This uncleanness in the Hebrew is the wife removing herself from her husbands coverature. She has no respect for him.

Adultery - Marital adulteration is a mixing of seed. The base scriptural definition requires only that a married woman mix her husband's seed with that of another man through intercourse. Scripture calls this confusion. The act of mixing breaks the marriage covenant and thus the marriage. The marital status of the man is not an issue. A single or married man who has intercourse with a married woman, not his wife, is guilty of adultery. A single or married man who has intercourse with a single woman is guilty of fornication, not adultery. When Israel went after other gods, sometimes visiting both temples in the same day, God considered this adultery and idolatry.

Remarriage after divorce or death of the husband is permitted. The only limitations in scripture are the same as for a first marriage.

Remarriage to a previous husband is permitted only if the woman has not married another man. The marital status and history of the man are not an issue. The scripture refers to the woman as being a polluted land for the previous husband once she has married another man. With the death of Christ and his resurrection there was a release from the law of marriage, Romans 7:1-4. Christ now remarries any Israelite as they become an immersed believer. They become a bride in waiting, waiting for the return of the bridegroom. One can not remarry someone who was not previously in that marriage covenant.

Romans 1:26-27 is a prohibition against anal intercourse between a man and a woman and also a man and a man. This act is unhealthy and can cause one to have a shortened lifespan.

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